Friday, May 8, 2009

Our New Family Pet!

This is not our new pet but I just had to add this pic of my Sydnie loving her cousin Adia. She just decided she needed to lay on her. That is Evelyn in the background. We get to see them alot because they live close. Its great!
This is Brynn with Oreo Frosty. He is a Mini Lop and the girls love him so much that I am still unsure he will survive it.

He is so cute! He lays like this all the time.


Somebody Loved said...

My sister Tess got our kids a bunny one Easter... and Skroggy our doggy... somehow got it out of the cage and loved it to death.


I hope your darling Oreo survives the lovin'.


The Scott Family said...

You are BRAVE! He is adorable.

Jeff and Kristy said...

I love that picture of Sydnie with the twins. Carson is already doing that with cute!

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